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ACDelco launches VRLA battery range

The latest offering from ACDelco is going to benefit businesses immensely by providing uninterrupted power supply

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ACDelco India, a division of General Motors Technical Centre India Pvt Ltd, is popular for the quality and strength of its automotive battery line in India and recently has broadened its product portfolio with the launch of a new range of VRLA (valve regulated lead-acid) batteries. The new line of products is based on AGM (absorbed glass mat) technology and the VRLA batteries provide necessary protection to industrial, commercial or business organisations, large and small, against the disruption caused by electrical outages.

Providing uninterrupted power supply
The VRLA rechargeable battery range is developed to supply high rate power capacities over a short period of time. It is the best solution for providing immediate and vital protection against electrical power failures which may harm large and complex machines. According to Anupam Baid, director of Baid Power Services Pvt Ltd, a mid-sized power solutions provider based in Kolkata, “For manufacturing units, it is important to have uninterrupted power supply, as it is directly proportional to revenue. India needs more products in this line to lessen its power shortage gap.”
Besides providing auxiliary power to continue uninterrupted operation of electronic and telecommunications equipment, VRLA batteries also support the provision of emergency lighting, safeguard against security system and signalling failures, whilst supporting DC power supplies. They also find application in all types of UPS and EPS applications.
Speaking at the launch of VRLA batteries, Rajesh Nangia, director of ACDelco, said, “ACDelco is one of the most well known battery brands in India, particularly within the automotive sector, where its products are recognised for their quality and operating performance. Launching an ACDelco range of VRLA batteries obviously means that organisations of all sizes will be able to source a product that will provide the power back-up required to protect organisations against the inconvenience that outages bring.”
Incorporating a fully sealed construction, almost all ACDelco AGM VRLA batteries are ‘recombinant’, implying that oxygen and hydrogen recombine inside the battery, creating water and preventing water loss through electrolysis. Another feature that sets them apart is that AGM batteries are leak proof - they do not spill electrolytes even if inverted. Moreover, they are maintenance free as there is obviously no requirement to regularly add water.
Priyanka Roy Chowdhury

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